Lucid Dream #2 — Peaceful Autumn Forest

November 10, 2021

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‘The line between astral projection and lucid dreaming is very thin, and there is often overlap.’

I’m excited to share a new experience today. This time I had set an intention for the next lucid dream. I wanted to experience something nice. I knew that changing the whole dream scene was very difficult, if not impossible at this point, so I hoped that with the right intention, the desired setting would find me. And it did! Also, I will explain a little bit more about the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection, so read on!

In the dream, I woke up in my house (it looked very different), and I felt my astral body leaving my physical body. This wasn’t an actual physical sensation, but a sensation in the dream. A dream about astral projection. I wasn’t yet lucid at this point. Not until I looked out of the bedroom window and saw a big forest with beautiful autumn colours. This was the intention I had set for my lucid dream, a peaceful forest. This is where I became lucid, and I decided to fly there.

I flew through the wall/window and reached the forest edge quickly. I flew over the treetops and then decided to go down into the forest. The first thing I noticed here was that it was extremely quiet and peaceful. Something I knew I really needed at that moment. The forest felt fresh, but not cold. I think it was very early in the morning, as the mossy tree trunks were damp and all plants were covered in dewdrops. The golden beams of sunlight shining through the canopy made the place look like a fairytale forest. I flew slowly through it and looked around. I even saw some animals, such as deer. They looked back at me but didn’t seem to mind me being there.

It was a very peaceful experience. And even though I didn’t do much in the dream itself, I still think of it as a successful lucid dream. I was very conscious, and I had gone where I set my intention.

During the dream, I noticed that I wasn’t quite sure if I was astral projecting or if it was a lucid dream. It had that particular (golden) glow over it as my projections do. On the other hand, I wasn’t in a familiar place. I didn’t recognize the house or the forest. Which implies more to a lucid dream. Also, I felt more in control of my body than I did in during my projections. But in the dream itself, I didn’t think too much of the experience, I was simply enjoying it.

Now you might wonder, what is the difference between astral projections and lucid dreams? Well, it’s quite simple. A lucid dream is a regular dream in which you become conscious that you are dreaming. And by becoming aware of this, you will have control over the dream, but it will still all take place in your mind. And the amount of control can vary. However, an astral projection does not just take place in your mind. It is a projection of your etheric/astral body (see it as a copy of your physical body) into a different plane or dimension. You are not actually leaving your physical body behind, as you will always stay connected to it. Think about it this way: you have many different bodies, such as the mental body, emotional body and the astral body, but you are most familiar with the physical body in the physical world. But even though you are not as familiar with your other bodies, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The same goes for the way we perceive our world. With our 5 senses, we can usually only perceive the physical world. The world of matter. But just as there are different bodies, there are also many layers to the world we know. The physical layer is the densest. Yet every physical thing we can perceive with our senses also has an energetic component. The same goes for our astral bodies. They are less dense and more energetic. For this reason, when we astral project, we can experience many different versions of the world (and even other worlds). Usually, when just starting with astral projection, we find ourselves in a world very close to the physical world. It looks almost the same, but you can find small changes. An example of this are the trees I saw during my first projection. In the physical, they were already cut down, but their energetic component was still there in the astral. And with my astral eyes, I was able to see them.

I hope this gives you an idea of the difference between these two phenomena. But know that the line between astral projection and lucid dreaming is very thin, and there is often overlap. Again, thank you for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!



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